Flow at the Workplace

This seminar provides the basic skills for all further seminars: the ability to integrate
flow-states consistently into everyday work.

Flow Seminare für Manager - Flow im BusinessalltagHigh performance is normally associated with great strain, the mobilization of all resources and subsequent exhaustion. In flow, however, high performance comes with a sense of ease and enjoyment, followed by a feeling of deep satisfaction. Not only the result of an activity is rewarding but the activity itself is fun. You feel involved in your task; success comes from genuine engagement.

While the first kind of high performance can be necessary for short times of crisis, it can lead to severe burn-out if used on a continuous basis. On the contrary, flow is the model for sustainable work performance. Furthermore, working in flow increases self-assurance and self-confidence and fosters the growth of one’s entire personality.

The key to a heightened performance is the deliberate control of your state of mind and the management of your energy. The techniques taught in the seminar are easy to apply and highly efficient.

Seminar topics

  • The neurobiological foundation of flow
  • Mind control
  • Energy management
  • Catalysing self-organization
  • Learning time intelligence
  • Using inner resources
  • How to relax quickly and deeply
  • The art of self-motivation

The benefits

  • The capacity to switch quickly between different cognitive strategies
  • Quick comprehension of complex situations
  • Immediate mental clarity
  • Quick realignment of priorities
  • Energy for the next task
  • High efficiency in action
  • Enhancing creativity
  • Quick restoration of well-being
  • Sustainable high performance
  • Complete clarity and presence in critical situations