Successful Self-presentation

Preparation for negotiations, presentations, lectures, job interviews

Coachings and seminars are based on years of experience coaching and preparing professional musicians for concerts and auditions.

Flow Seminare für Manager - Zwei Minuten Probespiel

Two Minutes

Musicians who apply for a position in a professional orchestra don’t have „job interviews“, they have auditions. Auditions take place in rounds. Little or nothing is said. Playing time in the first round is approximately two minutes. When you are not able to access your best performance, you go home.

In addition to artistic performance, presence and charisma play an important role. What is communicated non-verbally may make the difference between success and failure.

Flow Seminare für Manager - Voll da, wenn's drauf ankommt!

100% there when it counts!

The ideal state of mind for critical situations is a mixture of different qualities which can be purposefully trained: Inner security, persuasiveness, focus, serenity, clarity, liveliness, authenticity, ease.

The seminar conveys the most efficient techniques from sport psychology, self-assertiveness training and mental training. It aims to help you develop a state of relaxed wakefulness which allows you to show your full potential on the spot.

Seminar topics

  • Building self-confidence
  • Defining personal goals
  • Managing adrenaline
  • Mental preparation
  • Creating a safe space
  • The art of self-care
  • Presenting in flow


The benefits

  • Successful self-presentation in challenging situations