Flow for Managers

Flow für Manager - Turbulenz und Unplanbarkeit

Turbulence and unpredictability

Continual acceleration, growing complexity, turbulent markets, increasing difficulties in strategic planning – these are the challenges managers face more and more since the beginning of the 1990s.

The key qualification for mentally coping with these challenges is flow; when everything around you is in permanent flux, the mind also has to learn to be in flux.

Flow für Manager - Komplexität surfen

‘Surfing’ complexity

High complexity cannot be managed by rational analysis alone. Therefore, management under these disadvantageous conditions is more closely connected to the arts and sport than to science and logic. If you want to effectively manage processes which are constantly changing, you need intuition, creativity and a good sense of timing – you need the mental skills of a jazz musician.

Jazz musicians always surf on the edge of chaos. They have to be attuned to turbulent surroundings, listen carefully, pick up ideas and further develop them. Jazz is creativity, communication and team play at a very high level. This can only be attained if you have an excellent self-awareness and the brain is able to switch to the flow-mode.

Flow für Manager - Gelassenheit und Wille

Serenity and determination

Flow in sports means focus, dynamics, elegance and flexibility. It’s the perfect combination of a strong drive for success and a profound underlying calm, the paradoxical synchronicity of determination and detachment.

The flow training for managers is based on the findings of the neurobiological research into high performance states of athletes and musicians. This training provides the necessary skills to integrate the extraordinary features of flow-states into the world of business management.