Andreas Burzik, M.Ps. M.M.
Violinist - Psychotherapist - Trainer and Coach


1979 to 1983 Instrumental Performance (violin), M.M. Bremen University of the Arts, Germany

1993 to 2000 Study of Psychology, M.Ps. Bremen University, focus in clinical psychology and work and organizational psychology
Thesis on “Flow-Experiences of Professional Orchestral Musicians“

 Training in Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) and body-oriented trauma therapy

Since 1995 development of a flow-oriented practice method for all instruments and voice: practising in flow

Since 2004 transfer of flow concepts to the domain of business management

Numerous publications in international magazines; lectures, seminars and workshops in the United States, Europe, Russia, Australia and New Zealand

Research on the neurobiology of states of mental high performance in cooperation with The Russian Academy of Sciences

2007 to 2016 mental coach of the Academy of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Munich

Vice President of the German Association for Musicians' Psychology (DGfMP)


  • Management training, coaching

  • Counseling for musicians, performance training

  • Body psychotherapy